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IT Consulting Services

We provide strategic consultancy that will help your company to lead digital transformation, process automation, improving the productivity.


We support your business to protect your computer systems, as well as prevent cyber attacks and protect your privacy and information.

IT Training

We strenghten your team to develop the digital and AI skills needed for your business and digital transformation success.

Effortlessly streamline tasks with our Microsoft 365-based Process Automation service, powered by Power Automate. Boost efficiency, reduce manual work, and elevate productivity seamlessly.

We manage your Cloud infrastructure to optimize performance and security.

We provide consultancy on advanced cloud security measures, reducing maintenance and update costs in your company, as well as taking advantage of agility and speed in processes.
Among our advice are:

  • Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Sharepoint / One drive
  • Google Workspace

Nowadays a website is important for every company, since it provides positioning and online presence. We take care of creating your professional image to reach a wider audience, get potential clients, even update the way you sell your products or services in an online store that will increase your number of customers.
We have great allies to help you implement this service, such as Amazon Web Services and Azure.

It can help companies automate or accelerate tasks such as synthesizing information from different sources or manual information entry. Customized AI provides new and disruptive opportunities to increase revenue , reduce costs, improve productivity and better manage risk.

We build AI customized assistants to solve customers or staff questions around products and process.

Experience unparalleled assistance with our Customized Copilot AI, tailored to your specific needs. Empowering collaboration, efficiency, and creativity through personalized support in problem-solving and decision-making

We create platforms for your organization to train your staff or to offer online trainings.

We work with tools that are potentially used to implement classes, courses and courses, we help you build your learning platforms as well as train on them.
Some platforms we work with include: Moodle,  Microsoft Teams Education.

We help your organization to move to the Cloud in a secure way for your data and operations.

Companies may undertake platform migration projects for several reasons, such as improving efficiency, reducing costs, reaching a broader audience, and improving the security of their data and applications.
We carry out migrations with the following platforms:

  • Migrations from any email platform to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
  • Migrate your on premise workload to Azure or AWS
  • Migrate your website and e-commerce platform

We can provide you consultancy and the appropriate licensing for your needs, including Microsoft, Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Defender and other solutions.

We evaluate your cybersecurity position in cloud systems and present recommendations to improve it.

It’s important to conduct cybersecurity audits periodically to keep IT infrastructure up to date and secure.
1. Review the security policy.
2. Identify audit priorities and potential risks.
3. Review the existing cybersecurity plan and infrastructure.
4. Verify the plan with security standards.
5. Make a list of changes and responsibilities of security personnel

We manage your backups and create a disaster recovery plan to protect information in servers and devices. Its purpose is to quickly recover any organization’s critical systems after a disaster by providing remote access to its systems in a secure virtual environment.
  • We work with Azure Backup Backups and Azure Site Recovery, these tools simplify the definition of policies to protect, monitor and manage enterprise workloads natively in hybrid and cloud environments. These include Azure Virtual Machines, SQL and SAP databases, on-premises Windows servers, and VMware machines.
  • We also work with Disaster Recovery Architecture at AWS, who implements different disaster recovery strategies that accompanies your business needs.

We develop strategies and Solutions to prevent identity theft, data leaks and phishing inside your organization.

  • We provide training focused on detecting and preventing identity theft.
  • We carry out courses or forums seeking to raise awareness of groups vulnerable to identity theft.
  • We provide general cybersecurity recommendations.

Server hardening is a critical task to reduce the server attack surface and achieve compliance.

We support your organization to secure your servers based in best practices and industry standards.

We support your organization to secure your Cloud based infrastructure with best practices and industry standards

Safely browse and share your documents, emails or information.
We train you to apply the best security measures when sharing files, encrypt emails, apply restrictions when sharing information, safeguard your important documents, using innovative tools such as Microsoft 365 and its suite of cloud-based applications.

We build cybersecurity awareness campagins to ensure your staff, providers and customers are aware about different online risks and how  information could be in danger.

We carry out activities, forums, content on social networks, training that promote awareness of safeguarding your information and preventing cyberattacks.

Email is one of the most important communications way between companies and individuals. Protect the information from theft or manipulation is a priority. 

We support your company to protect your email communication and prevent data lost or theft. 

Basic training for all staff to identify risks and measures to protect information.

We train your employees to prevent and safeguard your company’s data from cyber attacks, providing training in specific tools such as file protection in OneDrive, Email encryption in Outlook, Website protection against threats, among others.

Take the most advantage of Microsoft 365 and improve skills to automate tasks.

  • We train your employees in training on office tools, such as Excel, Word and Power Point.
  • We help you monitor and assign tasks with innovative tools like To Do and Planner.
  • We expand your productivity with tools that facilitate communication and teamwork with tools such as Microsoft Teams for business and school.
  • We provide a series of technological recommendations for good practices within your company, improving the productivity of your employees.

IT management involves the administration and monitoring of an organization’s information technology systems, including hardware, software, and networks.

Develop skills of your IT team: Cloud management (Azure, AWS, Microsoft 365, Defender), Linux and Windows hardening, artificial intelligence management.


Generative AI is a powerful tool that can help companies automate or accelerate tasks such as synthesizing information from different sources or manual information entry. It can free up employees to focus on higher-value, more creative or strategic work. Generative AI provides new and disruptive opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve productivity and better manage risk.

We create customized trainings to adopt generative AI Solutions into your organization in tools like Copilot AI.


Understand best practices and how to deploy flexible Workspace to develop your job everywhere.

Modern focuses on collaboration, flexibility and security in the workplace. This solution includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, allowing employees to work smarter and more securely. Modern Workplace also offers universal collaboration tools that address the unique needs of each group, giving customers flexibility and options to connect, share and communicate. Additionally, Modern Workplace helps companies meet today’s complex business challenges and drive business growth.

We can help your company reduce human error, which is one of the most common causes of security breaches.

Develop skills of your IT team to analyze, prevent and manage online threats. (Cybersecurity 101, Risks Assessment, Cloud security tools)

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